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And today I feel lovely and easeful after the session yesterday.

Pat . said:
“Great job, very professional.”

Kathleen Pye said:
“Intuitive, compassionate, skilled and caring are just a few of the reasons why I look forward to my treatments when ever I am in Tofino”

Tsimka Martin said:
magic hands

“Thank you for the inspired massage! I love the way you practice.”
~ Elizabeth Burr

”We can’t thank you enough for starting our wedding day out in the most incredible way! Your passion and dedication for your work shines through and we both had the most amazing massages of our lives on June 13, 2015. The environment created in your space is so magical, warm and welcoming. Your methods were invigorating and unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in the past. Wish you lived so much closer to the Okanagan!!! Thank you thank you again. We will be back next time we’re in Tofino. We heard about you from the Tofino App :)”

Hi Bree I just wanted to get back to you to thank you for your wonderfully effective massage. I have been feeling much better, and have never had a massage before with such long lasting results. You have put together a very different massage style, with great results. Thank you for opening my eyes to different massage options, I will be more careful in future when looking for a therapist. I will definitely recommend you to friends visiting Tofino.
Thank you so much.
— Sarah Williams
What Bree offers is more than a massage; better described as a healing. After a session with Bree I felt like a new person with increased mobility and vitality. A real natural! Thanks again and I will be back soon.
— Stefan
As a lightkeeper, writer and avid kayaker, I sometimes end up with very sore muscles. The repetitive motions of power-washing until my hands are numb, gardening in our station’s two dozen flower and vegetable beds, scraping and painting wood or metal for long hours during the short dry spells, working at my computer for hours on end, as well as paddling my kayak in some challenging conditions, can result in flare-ups of bursitis, tendinitis and back spasms too. Fortunately, I have registered massage therapist, Bree Eddy begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, a vital member of my Tofino group of health professionals, to get my aging bod through these painful stretches! Bree is highly skilled, with many bodywork solutions in her arsenal. Every treatment is her intelligent, trained and intuitive response to the current challenges presented by this patient’s mind and body. Very highly recommended.
— Caroline Woodward, Lennard Island Lightstation
Bree is easily the best massage therapist I’ve been treated by. Really helped to relieve pain and tension in both my hip and back.
— Brady Clarke Photography
Bree is knowledgeable as well as passionate about what she does, her calm and centered manner allows for complete relaxation. After receiving a massge from her I always leave feeling well aligned with a better understanding of what is happening within my body.
— April Woods Yoga
I promise you will not be sorry if you invest in Breedom Massge Therapy as alternative medicine to your health needs. I have had the privilege of having Bree Eddy in my corner as a crucial health care member in my body’s health. She has successfully worked with me through my marathon training ensuring a safe and prepared body for race day. When I am not training, Bree nurtures my active body enabling me to live the healthy lifestyle I desire. I am blessed by Breedom, she has the unique ability to explore all areas of my body so beautifully and carefully, paying attention to all the physical details while listening with her head and heart the entire time. Go Breedom Go!
— Laura Mc Donald, BSc. Pharm
... Your massage does wonders for the body , soul, and spirit. Thank you.
— Tammy
Dear Bree,

On the Thursday before Labor Day, you gave me the best massage I’ve ever had! I am so sorry that we were leaving Tofino that afternoon – I am convinced that if I’d had a chance to get a few more Bree workovers, I’d be completely pain free. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that, to thank you for it and to see if you can suggest anything that will help me find someone here in Maryland (USA) who does what you do.

The problem that you helped most with was the nerve impingement in my lower right back, due, I was told by my orthopedist, to an L-4 slightly out of place, tilted, and so pinching a nerve on the right side slightly. This injury occurred more than a year ago at a Pilates class taught by a non-certified and unseasoned teacher. Never again! My chiropractor has worked on my spine off and on since this injury, and has helped quite a bit, but he has never said anything (nor did the orthopod) about the sacrum being out of alignment. Within a couple days of my Bree massage, I could do a yoga forward bend again, not quite without pain, but with scarcely a wince, and certainly without the cautious, tentative old-person way I’d been reduced to doing it over the last year. I also woke the next morning, and all the mornings since, PAIN FREE. Yippee!

The other thing you really worked on was the pull/strain/tear in my left piriformis, which I know is going to heal eventually, but when I saw you I was more than three weeks past the injury and it was still really bothering me to sit, pull my knee up, fold over in any way. I know the healing process slows down after 50, but really! Anyway, whatever work you did to release the knotted up attachment to the sits bone really helped.

I’d really like to find someone local who can give me the same kind of care you did. I’ve had a number of massage therapists over the years, all certified, all competent, all very nice. No one has ever done a postural analysis, at least, not and told me s/he was doing it. I don’t have a regular therapist – this service counts as “luxury” in my budget. Although now I think my insurance covers some of it. Plus, I now view it as a legitimate health issue – it’s just that usually conventional medicine doesn’t. Can you give me any key terms or specific questions to ask a therapist about techniques that I can use to narrow down the possibilities among the many practitioners here? I’m going to print out the page from your website in which you describe the techniques you use and take it with me when I talk to therapists. But any additional guidance you can provide would be most appreciated.

I realized, after your work on me, that part of the reason I feel so fat and dumpy right now is because I hurt, or did, and my energy level has been way low. Hard to exercise at all, much less enjoy it, if movement hurts. And hard to wake up happy to face the day if you hurt. You’ve given me renewed optimism that I am going to heal, AND fit into my old clothes, and more importantly, into my old skin. I haven’t felt really like myself for ages. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Richard Jaffray
During one of my contracts working in our Westcoast communities, I decided that I was in need of some self-care, preferably a massage. I called around the Tofino area and found Bree at. The minute that I stepped into the spa, I had that nice feeling, inviting, comfortable and caring. When I met Bree, I knew right then and there that she knew what she was doing and that I was in for a good massage. She took the time to discuss my physical well being before she began the massage, she checked my posture (no therapist has ever done that before) she was very thorough in searching for what treatment would best suit me at that time. I have had a lot of massages, but have never had one as great as I had that day from Bree. She was unique and amazing in her treatment, she massaged and stretched out every part of my body. I had the best sleep ever that night and I felt great for days after my treatment. It was incredible and I can’t wait to return to Tofino for my next treatment with Bree. I would highly recommend Bree to anyone wanting a great massage. Thank you.
— Vina Robinson, Vigold and Associates