It’s feeling like Spring! We have new therapists and new things from the old therapists! We can hardly wait to greet you and get into a treatment plan with you…for the session, for a specific goal, for the lifelong plan!

Bree has had a lot of inspiring experiences that have added tons of flavor-flave to her practice. Craniosacral Therapy, an intensive cervical spine course and being a new teacher for Pie&Lattes, er Pilates, have really shaped her days and the way she approaches clinical work. Amanda commutes from her new diggs to her roles in Tofino and continues to thread her sound and compassionate ways into the clinic happenings.

Both girls are on a heroic pursuit of happiness and well-being. And Tofino Massage Therapy is growing and is polishing its offerings, communication and professionalism because of the great contributions from guests, neighbors, and peers - all cogs of what makes a business work - and we thank you!

The clinic is open 9-9 for the Summer season. Sure hope we see you soon.